Friday, May 1, 2009

International Woman

Collage art is very tricky to create. An artist must study light, lines, form and if that is not enough he must select from hundreds of clippings to find the most appropriate to match the tone and content of the subject.  This collage is an image of a young woman.  One of the most difficult parts of this image to conceive is that the lion image is not at her neck rather at the top of her left shoulder.  This means it is her right shoulder and arm that we see in the background.  The nose is also an area that is most discussed by viewers.  I had tried every possible clipping for the nose and after finding the head of this woman I thought it helped to create some sense of a three dimensional nose.  The lips are worth mentioning as the top lip was created from an image of ropes that tied a ship. But it was not even that simple. When I saw the image of the ropes I thought it would be perfect for the nose but the light was shining in the wrong direction. I just flipped the image around to have the light come from the correct direction, one consistent with the rest of the image.  Creating this piece was a fun and challenging experience.  The piece is called "International Woman" as it is made up of worldly images.

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